We gratefully accept the donation of goods and materials for use in our community activities.

Were big on sustainability and the reuse of unwanted items, so perhaps we can give new life to something you no longer need? Below are some examples of things we like to receive.

If you’ve got something to offer that’s not on the list, or you’re not sure if intended donation will suit our needs, please contact our Project Coordinator, Julia Milne: julia@cupa.org.nz / 027 372 3385

  • Garden tools
  • Seeds and seedlings
  • Fresh local produce - if you’ve got a surplus or are willing to grow a crop to donate, please get in touch and help us grow food in abundance for our children! 
  • Quality kitchen equipment
  • Quality wools and knitting needles
  • Knitted squares for our children’s blankets
  • Knitted clothing and accessories
  • Quality fabrics, sewing machines and equipment
  • Bicycles in all sizes, so long as they are in good working condition
  • Good quality helmets and bike accessories