Ngahere Kai (Forest Food)

Ngahere Kai is a collaboration between Common Unity and Hutt City Council as we share the vision to make locally grown food available within walking distance of all families of Lower Hutt.

In 2016 Common Unity gifted 250 heritage fruit tress to the city of Lower Hutt.  In turn, Hutt City Council gave 13 different community parks as places of community fruit forests.

We organised groups of locals to come together as a community celebration to welcome the trees and plant them into the ground of Fathers Day 2016.

In the years to come, we aim to continue building upon these sites and add others and in turn increase the amount of food production at each site so as to contribute to a Lower Hutt that grows abundance and resilience.

Khaled, our wonderful Syrian orchardist, is currently producing 500 berry bushes which will added to these sites in Autumn 2017.

Please join us! Together, we grow.



If you are a keen local, wanting to learn more about growing fruit trees or help care for some of ours - please get in touch!

Please also check out the wonderful work of Natalie Hormann, Sustainability Officer for Hutt City Council with her Fruit Tree Guardian program.