One Small Piece

Knitting group
11:00am - 11:40am, Thursdays
Epuni Primary School community room

Every Thursday our lovely volunteers knit with the children of Epuni Primary School. The children learn how to knit a square, then stitch their square to other squares donated by the wider community. Once they have enough squares to make a blanket they learn how to crochet the edges together. Then they get to take their blanket home to help keep them warm and cosy.

The children have donated a blanket to a chimpanzee at Wellington Zoo, and they’ve gifted blankets to newborn babies at Hutt Hospital. And once the kids have finished their blankets they can try other tricky things like slippers.

Please join us! Together, we knit.

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Project coordinator

Lisa Bridson

Lisa Bridson is a local Hutt City Councillor, mum and knitter.

She lives locally, is involved with numerous community groups and loves cycling, photography and chocolate.


We welcome donations of quality wool and knitting needles. If you can send us a knitted square our children will stitch it into one of their blankets. Or we always appreciate knitted clothing and accessories to keep our children warm through winter.