Project Sunshine Aotearoa

Project Sunshine Aotearoa creates beautiful spaces and plantings throughout New Zealand and provides food for our bees and other pollinators. 

Every year Epuni School’s little farmers grow hundreds of sunflowers in the school garden. They then dry the sunflower heads, collect thousands of seeds, make beautiful seed packets, and post the seeds far and wide throughout the country to anyone who would like to grow them!

Please contact us if you’d like a packet of sunflower seeds for planting in Spring or Summer. They’re available in exchange for a koha to our children, of whatever it is you’d like to give. Check out the Project Sunshine Aotearoa Facebook page for updates and the latest news.

Together, we spread sunshine in our communities.

Project Coordinator

Julia Milne

Julia is the founder and coordinator of the Common Unity Project Aotearoa.

She began Project Sunshine with local children while running another community gardening initiative at Great Start Taita, and has loved watching their seeds spread all over New Zealand!

HOW you can HELP

Spread the word to your family, friends and neighbours. Perhaps you could organise a school of community planting? Our sunflowers look amazing when planted in large groups!

Please send us photographs and stories of what you do with your seeds, so we can tell everyone about their wonderful journeys around the country.

Maybe collecting, saving and sharing seed is your thing?   Growing and saving our own seed that we can then make available to all, is a vital part of developing a resilient and sustainable Aotearoa.  Please get in touch if you are interested in working with a network of growers/savers.

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