Beeple Honey Collective 2017 Local Honey

Beeple Honey Collective 2017 Local Honey

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Every 1.2kg jar of Beeple honey represents more just than a sweet dollop of yum for your toast or tea - every jar of Beeple honey represents a number of much needed meals for the community.   And you get to decide how many meals that is depending on how much you are willing to pay.

Please select the number of meals you want your jar of honey to provide to see how much your jar will cost you.

* Honey orders are shipped in the last week of the month

Meals Provided:
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The Beeple Honey Collective supports NZs struggling honey bees to, in turn, feed NZs hungriest children. 

Our aim is to expand our current programme (where we feed 100 children 3 x a week through our Koha Kitchen) to employ local people, grow local food and collect other local resources, to feed 2500 of our most vulnerable local tamariki every day.

To do this we need your help.

Our bees have done their bit against the odds during our last windy, wet and cold summer. Their honey is literally gold to us and we offer it here for sale as a representation of the mouths that we can feed with their hard work and your kind generosity.