Unity Kitchen

We provide nutritious cooked lunches for all of Epuni Primary School’s pupils three days a week as part of our Koha Kitchen initiative using food taken straight out of our garden, along with left-over food and ingredients rescued from various local businesses. Every Wednesday morning students, whanau and community members come together to cook in the school hall kitchen.  This allows us to feed all 101 Epuni School students for usually less than $10 a meal. 

People who come to help us cook have an opportunity to learn new skills, connect with one another and contribute to the health and wellbeing of our children. They also get to take home an evening meal for their families, plus a share of any leftover ingredients! We believe inviting our community to be part of feeding our children is a powerful thing.

Please join us! Together, we cook.

Project Coordinator

Darmiati Amin

Dar manages our weekly Koha Kitchen session, where she oversees, demonstrates and teaches cooking to make school lunches for three days.

Special thanks to our friends at Commonsense Organics, who donate large quantities of surplus organic produce and other ingredients each week, ensuring our children have the most nutritious meals possible! 

Thanks also to Community Fruit Wellington, who collect surplus fruit from local donors and distribute it to non-profit organisations like ours, to nourish our communities.


Come cook with us! We also welcome donations of fresh produce, ingredients and quality kitchen equipment. Please check first before donating.

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