urban kai


Join the Urban Kai Network for our weekly Saturday morning farming group. We meet at The ReMakery (310 Waiwhetu Rd, Fairfield, Lower Hutt), departing at 10 AM for one of our nearby farms. The activities vary depending on the seasons, but we firmly believe that farming is not a back-breaking activity. Come learn our clever methods for farming without digging! We return to The Remakery around 12 noon to enjoy snacks and beverages from Koha Coffee.

If you are looking to put some of our fruit and veg on your dinner table, we sell surplus that we cannot use immediately in the meals provided to our children and/or cannot preserve for future use. It is sold through The Common Grocer at low cost so it is available to everyone. All proceeds go back into the project so that we can create more employment, grow more food and feed more children. Ambitiously, we aim to become completely self-funded by 2021.

Follow our progress and get up-to-date info about events on our Facebook page.

We welcome offers of sponsorship and donations of organic seeds, fertiliser and equipment.

Contact for more information.