In 2012, the Common Unity Project Aotearoa started as a pilot project to explore the idea that by inviting a community to partner with us and celebrating the strengths that we have, we might together address some challenges that affect us all.

We are a registered charity that works collaboratively with Epuni Primary School, a little school with a big heart, in Lower Hutt. We grow food on a disused soccer field - enough to feed our children of Epuni School three times each week. We invite our parents and wider community to come to school each day and learn, share and educate one another. In turn, this has become a collective response to meeting the needs of our children and developing our own resilient solution within our community.

Welcome to our story. Our journey along the way has been one of learning, unification and transformation as we look to each other to strengthen our community from the inside out.

We are always happy to share our story and invite you to contact us. We invite collaboration and offer our successes, challenges and vision of an Aotearoa where all children are valued, treasured and have equal chances of health and participation.

It is my belief that it is time to review what makes an individual wealthy. To move beyond the measurement of wealth in terms of personal ownership and financial gain. To make significant changes in our communities, surely the family/individual who lives a life of connectedness, contribution and harmony to that of their wider community and environment is the wealthiest of them all?

Together, we grow our own solution.

Julia Milne CUPA Founder

Julia Milne
CUPA Founder