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Common Unity Project


The Common Unity Project Aotearoa is a charity that initiates, umbrellas, partners and supports locally owned enterprises that celebrate the abundance of gifts in our community to address challenges that affect us all.

Our journey began in 2012, with a pilot project based at Epuni Primary School, a little school with a big heart. We grew food on a disused soccer field - enough to feed the children of Epuni School three times each week.

We have now moved into a massive building that we call The ReMakery - a home for all our projects (and for partners in the community who are creating their own magic)  and from where we aim to provide 2500 meals a day for our local children.  The ReMakery is a place to rebuild, restructure and redefine old, out of date things and constructs - it is a place to create a new way, starting with the best of what we already know and the best of what we already have.  It is a place for sharing knowledge, time and skills and for learning, learning, learning... 

Together, we grow our own solution.

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The Beeple Honey


We feed the bees, the bees feed us. Enhancing the well-being of communities by the action of preserving our bees.

The Beeple Honey Collective is a sweet bit of local goodness that supports New Zealand's struggling bees so that they can, in turn, feed our community's hungriest tums.

Beeple puts hives into backyards and community apiaries around the Wellington region and trains up and employs local dads, our Bee Daddies, to service and care for them.  Our hive hosts receive some honey at the end of the season and the rest we donate to local charities, low-decile schools or sell, returning the profits to urban food projects and to further develop the Beeple Honey Collective.

We put 40 hives out into community during our first season - pollinating sweet goodness from Upper Hutt to Island Bay and everywhere in between.

You can follow our work at our Facebook page.

For information about hosting or to share your bee buzz with us, go here:  More Info → 

The Sew Good Cooperative



Beautiful things come together, one stitch at a time.



The Sew Good Cooperative re-loves and repurposes old fabrics and textiles into brand new, useful and beautiful things.

Creating new employment and upskilling opportunities for our community, the Sew Good sewing cooperative gets together weekly at the ReMakery.  All are welcome.

Visit our online shop to see our range of repurposed corporate uniform products including reusable lunch bags and our famous Shirty Shoppers!

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We welcome donations of quality fabrics, machines and equipment. Home sewers and corporate groups are very welcome to come and sew with us, to learn or teach new skills. 

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Every year, our little farmers grow hundreds of sunflowers.


Project Sunshine Aotearoa creates beautiful spaces and plantings throughout New Zealand and provides food for our bees and other pollinators. 

Every year Epuni School’s little farmers grow hundreds of sunflowers in the school garden. They then dry the sunflower heads, collect thousands of seeds, make beautiful seed packets, and post the seeds far and wide throughout the country to anyone who would like to grow them!

Together, we spread sunshine in our communities.

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Kitchen &



"Food brings people together on many different levels. It's nourishment of the soul and body; it's truly love."

 Giada De Laurentiis

Fuelled by our internationally represented Unity Kitchen team, our community kitchen provides beautiful, globally inspired food, made from locally grown produce, as catering for functions of all sizes. 

The Unity Kitchen team also run wonderful foodie workshops, sharing their creative talents for others to learn.

If you are organising a catering event, whether it is a conference lunch, a wedding feast, or a team building event that needs the best cakes you've ever eaten, or if you are keen to learn what this team of exceptional cooks know, the Unity Kitchen are ready to talk to you!

All profits go directly back to our Koha Kitchen to feed the children in our community.  Our goal is to provide 2500  belly-filling meals a day.  Yummy stuff!

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein

ReCycled Rides is a community bike library offering rescued, fixed-up bikes to Epuni and the wider Hutt Valley community.

ReCycled Rides takes bikes destined for landfill and refurbishes them for loan to the students of Epuni School, or anyone else nearby who wants to ride a bike! Borrowers are encouraged to koha back to us by gifting an hour of their time to any of our initiatives at Epuni, like the Unity Garden, Koha Kitchen, One Small Piece knitting project, or the Sew Good sewing cooperative. Or perhaps you have some other skills to share? We recognise that everyone has something to offer in return for the loan of a bike.

We’ve built a bike track at Epuni School for the free use of our community and in school holidays we explore our neighbourhood on family bike rides. 

Check out the ReCycled Rides Facebook page for updates and the latest news.

Please join us! Together, we ride.




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Affordable, quality, local, healthy food delivered to our community by our community.

The Common Grocer is Wellington's first low-cost, member-owned, plastic free grocery co-operative based at the ReMakery. We purchase wholesale and our members run the store themselves – this keeps our prices extremely low.

Members pay a small annual fee and give a few hours of their time in exchange for accessing food and household items at extremely low prices.

Alongside reducing costs we are reducing the waste.  The Common Grocer does not provide single-use plastic shopping bags or containers, instead we encourage our members to reuse and repurpose what they already have.  

The Common Grocer also runs a series of workshops, where members of the community share their diverse knowledge, teaching others how to  cook delicious meals from scratch, make natural cleaning products, and much much more!

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urban kai

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The Urban Kai Network is a local food ecosystem that interlocks growing food with creating employment, increasing accessibility of healthy food within our community, and stocking the fridge for our sister project, Koha Kitchen, who transform our fruit and vegetables into delicious meals that fill the tums and fuel the brains of our children.

Our network of urban farms is located across the Hutt Valley where we are transforming lawns at schools, institutions and residential properties into intensely productive micro-farms. We employ farming methods that turn organic materials otherwise destined for landfill into composted goodness, chemical-free techniques that attract beneficial insects and repel detrimental ones, and above all, we care for the soil to enhance, rather than take away from the earth. In this way, we provide the very best for our children – locally, organically grown, nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables.

The Hutt Valley is blessed with some of the most fertile soil in all of New Zealand, and in fact, used to house the market gardens that fed the entire Wellington Region. Today, some of our hungriest children call it home. The soil under our feet is literally teeming with life and possibility. The Urban Kai Network is working to reconnect us all with the abundance our soil can provide. Together with Koha Kitchen, our goal is to provide 2,500 belly-filling meals a day.

As we grow food, we are also growing resilience in our community. Through education programmes we are building skills, and increasing knowledge about food waste and the environmental consequences of main stream food production. And, together, we are experiencing better physical and emotional health by connecting with nature through farming.

Come farm with us.

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